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Texas peace officer's Crash Report cr-3 Form: What You Should Know

To use this form: If you are a peace officer (police) your agency must send a final crash report to the Texas Transportation Commission (TTD). This form is for peace officers only. If you are a citizen and are an employee of a corporation, a partnership, the owner or managing member of a limited liability company (LLC), a sole proprietorship, or another organization registered with the Texas Secretary of State, you are not a peace officer. You can use this form on your personal time. Please be aware that this form is only for a peace officer report, and it is prohibited to submit this and other forms that contain personal information of individuals to the TTD. Please note that this form is just that form. Any information entered on the form shall be treated as personal information, subject to the privacy rights of individuals. The report must be submitted to the TTD within 30 days of the accident. After the 30-day time period, it is optional for you to send the report. If the TTD has a record of the accident it may require the submission of the report. Asking for a copy of the crash report: When the incident occurred you need to contact the state's traffic agency, sheriff's office, or fire department and request a copy of the report. Asking for a copy of the report by a private citizen: This document is required by DOT for all crashes in which traffic is involved. However, you can request a copy of this crash report by contacting the Texas Office of the General Counsel (NGC) at or by visiting . After completing the NGC's online survey, you will have the option to view the final crash report. How to use the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report Format: Use the following forms to fill in the fields. All crash reports include the information noted in this table. All data is to be entered into each of the fields of your CR-3 form except the field for injury numbers and information in the injury information table. The code sheet includes the following information. Crash report number (CR-3-1-2 or CR-3-1-2) Injury information, (if applicable) Injury severity (see Table of Injuries Severity). This is a classification for injury severity.

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FAQ - Texas peace officer's Crash Report form cr-3

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