Video instructions and help with filling out and completing texas peace officer's crash report code sheet 2015

Instructions and Help about texas peace officer's crash report code sheet 2015

He once served as an elected official in the Nevada Legislature making history and not in a good way and tonight former summer man Steve Brooks is in hot water yet again good evening everyone I'm talking Yanis and I'm Trisha Keene 13 Action News reporter Erin draw Horne is live tonight in Erin we are learning new details about Brooks's latest arrest indeed Trisha Todd Steven Brooks has been in jail before he's in jail tonight the former lawmaker getting yet another lesson in the law arrested again Steven Brooks no stranger to trouble is accused of disorderly conduct problems now in store for Brooks with the inside of this convenience store damaged near Lake Mead in Hollywood Sunday night and agitated Brooks is accused of threatening police reportedly dropping info that he's a former Nevada Assemblyman Steven J Brooks the second is hereby expelled from this and Lee bizarre behavior and a threat to then Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick led to Brooks expulsion from the assembly we did not feel safe having him in this building that same March 2013 day he led California cops on a hot pursuit the high-speed chase ended with spike strips and a Taser takedown near Barstow Brooks did 17 months behind bars in California and Nevada and in January 2015 mr. Brooks I want you to know it's a privilege to get probation copping a plea Brooks was ordered to undergo 24 sessions of mental health counseling you have a progress report he's actually started stress impulse and anger management classes three and a half years ago Brooks was sent on his way with well wishes thank you your honor it didn't work out bail this time set at 8 grand the only Nevada lawmaker expelled in the silver states nearly 155 year history is back in court May 14th Erin draw Horne 13 Action News