Video instructions and help with filling out and completing texas peace officer's crash report instructions 2017

Instructions and Help about texas peace officer's crash report instructions 2017

It's a routine traffic stop that is about to go very wrong this matters in my arms oh my god please the incident in Houston began with 28 year old social worker Arica white being pulled over by a cop for allegedly crossing a solid traffic line she says she got out of the car because her license was in her purse in the trunk the police officer orders her to get back in she says that after so many deadly confrontations between police officers and african-americans in recent months she was terrified he got out of the car with handcuffs out using very vulgar language I didn't feel safe that's why I called 911 that's right that's her on the phone with 911 officers to come out here my heart is racing I'm really afraid what you cannot hear in the background from the 911 call is him yelling and screaming at me to hang up the phone I'm calling to report harassment by police officers then he moves in and tries to handcuff her the officers struggled to overpower the woman when he finally subdued her she was charged with resisting arrest she spent two days in jail horrible a horrible experience I wouldn't even wish a criminal to go through what I went through honestly a lot of people are comparing this to the Sandra bland case she's the woman who was pulled over in Texas in 2015 for a minor traffic infraction which escalated into a nasty confrontation three days later Sandra bland hanged herself in a jail cell the police officer in El Draco White's case has been cleared of any wrongdoing it's important that we all think respect first and obey the officers when you're giving a directive or order to stay in the car it's for your safety inside edition's showed the video to security experts Steve Karndean this goes back to a conversation that every parent should have with their teenager listen to what the police officer says if you're going to get a ticket take the ticket if you've got a gripe go to a supervisor or in court and ear that gripe then well drink ad do you think that you did anything wrong do you think you did everything correctly during this traffic stop I will never say that I did everything correct right that's just life I feel as though I acted as a human being would